Digital Hub


We are looking for support and interest from ‘the crowd’ to make the creation of a tech destination in Wellington a reality.

We have investigations underway for property to serve as a ‘TECH COUNTRY’ location, accommodating DIGITAL HUB – MAKERSPACE – GAMING NEXUS. Digital Business can bring powerful economic and social regeneration to this area and the Wrekin area needs more quality jobs and a route to tech career opportunities for young people.

The Tech sector is growing faster than the UK economy with 72pc of investment taking place outside London:

  • UK leads Europe in Tech growth
  • The Digital Economy in the UK regions is growing fast, creating circa annual £96 billion growth
  • The sector is growing 32% faster than any other industry & attracts youth talent

If you are interested in being involved and would like to be kept up to date on any opportunities / developments please register here

Digital Hub

A sample of interest already submitted

Name Digital Profession Interests
Luke Seymour Computer Game designer

I’m looking to help connect people in the telford area that may have any inclination to creative digital industries that can come together for convient collaborations, business opportunities and future endevears!

Luke Seymour Computer Games designer

I’m looking to gather people together and to promote business opportunity/ independant ventures in the telford and wrekin area for creative digital media.

I’m also hoping to get networking for this on the rise so I discover who in my local area can be involved for game creation.

Akil Allen 3d design


Barry Davies Production Manager

To build up a friendship with people inthe gaming industry and to learn more about what goes on to make the industry work.

Owain Bailey Student Website Designer, Software Developer, Technician, Game Developer

I have varied experience in the tech world and would like to network myself and put my experiences to the test.

Kaspars Cibulskis producer/2d animator

creating something new and inspiring, produce future films.

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